Plastova St.

Reconstruction and modernization of wastewater treatment facilities for biogas production and cogeneration in the city of Lviv in order to reach the standards of EU/HELCOM


€26.5 million EBRD loan
€5 million NEFCO loan
€7.5 million Grant of the Eastern Europe Energy Efficient Partnership Foundation
€4 million City budget
Total: €31,5 million

Characteristic of the wastewater treatment system

General design capacity of facilities– 490 thous. m3 /day
Actual average inflow– 350 thous. m3/day
Equipment and facilities depreciation ~ 80%
Current processing procedure provides pumping of the sewage sludge to the sludge lagoons for storage

The main technical and economic indicators
  • 128 600 tons annual CO₂ reduction
  • 39 400 MW energy production
  • Receiving of biogas with methane content approximately 65%
  • Biogas output 42 000 cubic metres/day;
  • Excess electricity for the purposes of wastewater treatment plants 35,7 MWh/year
  • Reduction of sludge volumes by 25-30 %
  • Enhancing of the quality of wastewater which inflow to the Baltic sea basin
Project components
  • Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant 1-2
  • Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant 3-4
  • Construction of sludge hydrolysis station
  • Construction of biogas production and cogeneration facilities
  • Construction of grit chambers
Current situation
  • Construction of biogas production and cogeneration facilities
    Tendering process
  • Construction of grit chambers
    Tendering process – final stage
Lviv Investment Office Lviv City Council
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