Lem Station
Sakharova St.

The goal of the project is to transform the old tram depot at the crossroad of Sakharova and Vitovskoho streets into an innovative creative center, which will become the point of intersection and development of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and other representatives of creative industries.

The vision is to continue the tradition of innovation in the city. Lviv is a city of futurists, innovators, inventors and romantics. Stanislav Lem was an outstanding Lviv citizen, a futurist, a writer. Lviv needs a powerful platform for communication and cooperation, a place where a local business can meet the global market, where everyone can reveal their creative potential.


Lem Station is a project of social hub for opportunities for local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs and other representatives of creative industries, that allows them to implement ideas and plans, meet new people and work.

The infrastructure of the project includes zone for events, coworking, food courts, open terraces, workshops, amphitheatre, children development center and more.

Implementation of the project involves maximum preservation of the original form and historical architecture. The buildings of the tram depot of the early 20th century will be restored. The infrastructure servicing the Lviv tram (control center, transformer station) will remain.

Reconstruction of the tram depot and the implementation of the project will last from 2 to 5 years.


Social component

The Lem Station project involves the commercial operation of a part of the location because only a project capable of self-restraint can live and develop itself. At the same time, its key function is social – to be a place for citizens, where they get the opportunity to discover themselves. Lem Station is open to collaborating with social projects and will promote initiatives that bring benefits to society.

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