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Lviv is an important political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Western Ukraine.

Lviv is a place where mysteries and superstitions of East are combined with heroic and pragmatic Western Culture. The city with its outstanding culture is situated in the centre of Europe and connects all poles of the globe.

Many talented architects, sculptors, painters, craftsmen and merchants from all over the world have been always attracted by this one of the most multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city. They were fascinated not only with the city's unique charm and treasures, but also with its culture, educational opportunities, and vibrant intellectual life. All the city charm can be seen through an impressive architecture along with beauty, kindness and positive attitude of its inhabitants.

The modern city of Lviv has a clear vision. Its primary aim is to show itself again, in its full glory, in its Sunday Best. Lviv is aspired to return its previous importance in Western Europe after years of economic difficulties. Having been chosen as one of the cities to host 2012 European Football Championship, the city got new prospects! As a result, Lviv plans to attract huge investments for up-to-date infrastructure development projects with special emphasis on public transport, hotels, business-parks, air and rail transport.

For these and other reasons, we invite you to get involved in the rebirth of our glorious Lviv.

Lviv City Council is willing to support personal, or group projects and promote unique ideas. We want to provide you with the most positive climate for undertaking your business projects and at the same time to make the city comfortable for life and recreation.

With all my heart, I invite you to the city with 750 years history. While walking through the ancient Rynok Square, visiting the famous Italian Courtyard, its unique churches which have been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, you will get a breathtaking and unforgettable experience and be reassured that Lviv gives a great opportunity and challenge for your business. Our city can be that special place you were searching for a long time.

Lviv is open to the world. Lviv is open to you.